Sharon Stark

playwright, actress & director

Sharon Stark is an Israeli actress, playwright and director. Her professional career began in dance, at the School of American Ballet in New York. After graduating, she joined Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam. She then turned into acting and studied at  Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in Tel Aviv. Stark has played lead roles in a variety of television series: Lost in Africa, Mama’s Angel, The Greenhouse Academy and more. On Stage she played dozens of critically acclaimed roles at Haifa and Khan Theater. After a decade of Repertory Theater, her work has expanded into the fields of writing and directing. Her work is regularly presented on repertory and independent theaters, such as Haifa Theater, The Incubator, Tmuna and Tzavta.

Stark‘s plays explore the paradoxes of modern life. She examines themes of identity and search for meaning by deconstructing and rebuilding a surrealistic parallel reality. With sharp humor she invites the viewer to observe role-plays and unaware choices we make. Her comedies center on processes of awakening and self-definition. Her plays have been translated into English and Georgian.


By Marius Von Mayenburg 
Directed by Sharon Stark
Haifa Theater

A shape-shifting theatrical puzzle. Taking inspiration from Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author, as well as the pens of Stoppard, Nietzsche and Beckett, influential writer Marius von Mayenburg has created a fast-paced and very funny piece of contemporary absurdism. The four actors play musical chairs with their characters in an astonishing tumble of scenes. Their characters are patchwork individuals, groping for assurance and security in a constantly disintegrating reality, while slipping on the metaphysical banana peels von Mayenburg throws in their path.

The Right Play at The Right Time. “It’s been a long time since I watched a play as relevant as Perplex, the very choice of which is a remarkable achievement in the field of repertory theater” “Stark’s direction is very precise and rich. Not only the dramatic intentions, but every moment and comic nuance do not escape her and the actors… The construction of the mis- en- scènes is diverse, surprising and elegant… It is a pure pleasure to watch.”
Nano Shabtai, Haaretz, 04.02.2023


A family on the train

By Eldad Cohen
Directed by Sharon Stark

The play is a poetic comedy about a family on a train fleeing their homeland. The train travels, passes cities and countries. No one knows where she is racing and why she does not stop. At one point enters a guy with 12 egg trays. How long has he been on the train? Maybe from World War II. The play moves from the realm of personal and psychological to the fixations of the “nation” – Nazis. holocaust. Refugees. This creates a beautiful and spectacular movement between the concrete towards the abstract and symbolic.

“A Family on the Train” is a brilliant dream theater… “There’s a deep and constant psychological play here, which is made of stage means, movement, music and visuals, as well as the distant and intimate spoken language – written a bit like poetry – with multiple meanings and images but also simple and direct.” “Sharon Stark’s direction is delicate and meticulous. Every movement and gesture is full of meaning and grace”.
Nano Shabtai – Haaretz  August 19, 2023

“A family on the train”: The “spoiler” moment that should not be disclosed is what makes this show excellent… The show finds a wild, brilliant and above all very dramatic way to play with some basic concepts.”
Udi Ben Saadia – Walla Tarbut, August 22, 2023



Written & Directed by Sharon Stark

Yonat, an eager yet inexperienced doctoral candidate is a last minute replacement for the illustrious Professor of Philosophy Reuben Nimrodi, who disappears without a word of farewell. It’s the neurotic research assistant’s first time, and over the course of this comic thriller, she will attempt to teach a class on Deconstruction, while being accused of his murder.


The main quality of “Paradox” stems from the brilliant text by Stark, which successfully incorporates philosophical issues into a drama of passions, surrealism and humor that also has some of the makings of a detective story. Stark thus successfully creates an intriguing, arousing and surprising play

Marat Parkhomovsky


Trulove Ltd

Written & Directed by Sharon Stark

Comedy about love and algorithms. A state-of-the-art matchmaking app determines compatibility between users. No more useless searches and disappointing dates. Simply click and get ‘The One’ – your personal Prince Charming. But first, you must agree to the terms and conditions.

Tanya, divorced + 2, enters the Trulove app with big hopes. Based on her data, the algorithm matches her with a 19-year-old wannabe musician. Tanya, twice his age, finds this match unacceptable, but the app’s cancellation policy makes it impossible to get rid of him. This is the beginning of a humorous and alarming plot, which explores the nature of ’compatibility’ between people, and the Math behind the Myth of the One and Only.

Trulove Ltd. was recently translated into Georgian
as a part of an Israeli Playwright Ontology.

Sharon Stark expertly concocted multitude of primal emotion: love, jealousy, fear, competitiveness, and the aromas of the stew made us reflect on these basic concepts. A philosophical play on the one hand, and rhythmic on the other, without a single unnecessary moment .

The Marker Cafe, 18.01.19


Father Figure

A Theatrical Parable Written by Sharon Stark and Roey Malich Reshef
Directed by Sharon Stark

Betty Drauper hires Mr. Spitz to serve as a father figure to her teenage daughter. But as the father’s rigorous education methods take over the house and the pampered Mia begins to change, Betty finds that her role as a mother is in jeopardy. A wild and satirical comedy about education and
parenting in an age of no limits.

Roey Malich Reshef and Sharon Stark, who also gracefully directed, wrote witty satire about parenting and the various approaches to the concept of
“the good of the child”.
The chemistry between the three players is great and promises a fun evening that will bring you a lot of laughter and material for thought. “

Uriah Bar-Meir, Globes, 24.09.21